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Short Sale Assistance

All-American Foreclosure Solution, Inc is a Not-For-Profit Corporation and we can help you learn your options and Get Control. Being behind on mortgage payments and facing possible foreclosure is distressing. Call us now and we can help you determine your options.
Some Facts about short sales:

  1.    More than 1 in 4 homes are worth less than the outstanding mortgage.
  2.    A short sale avoids foreclosure and can protect your credit and other interests.
  3.    Some government programs offer a cash payout to homeowners.
  4.    We have years of experience negotiating short sales – call us now to learn more.
  5.    You pay us nothing – we collect a fee as a closing cost of the sale.

Learn more about short sales
The easiest way to learn more is to talk to a All-American Foreclosure Solution, Inc consultant about your specific situation by calling (239) 673-9312 

What is it?
A short sale is when you sell your property for less than you owe your lender. If you’re facing foreclosure or no longer want to deal with your mortgage payments, a short sale lets you take control and leave on your own terms while protecting your credit and future.
A short sale gives you some time to figure out what to do next (it takes a minimum of 60 days), is far better for your credit than foreclosure, has no tax consequences for owner-occupied properties, and minimizes your deficiency and liability to the lender. If you’re going to lose your house, this is a much smarter option than letting it go to foreclosure.

Who qualifies?
For your lender to agree to a short sale, you must demonstrate a hardship and an inability to pay. You don’t have to live in the property to be approved for a short sale.  A short sale can be your next best option to get control over your circumstances and minimize your liabilities.

What do I do?
Give us a call. Our friendly specialists will answer your questions and help you decide if a short sale is your best option.

Don’t have a real estate agent already? No problem. We’ll connect you with a local listing agent who specializes in short sales, so within 24 hours of talking to us, you can be listing your property and starting the short sale process. Once you receive an offer, our experienced negotiators will help you get an approval from your lender.

Doing nothing is not an option. If you want to make the best of your situation, pick up the phone and call us. We’ll help you learn about your options, evaluate the consequences and take control of your future.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: All-American Foreclosure Solution, Inc is a HUD Approved Not-For-Profit Housing Agency.

Welcome to All-American Foreclosure Solution, Inc    

All-American Foreclosure Solutions, Inc is a 501(c)3 Not-For-Profit Housing Agency, based in Cape Coral, Florida. We have helped hundreds of homeowners in the intricate business of short sales. Your strongest advocate will be a company with extensive experience dealing with lenders, attorneys on staff to handle oversight and escalation, and full time staff dedicated to the negotiations process. We have all three.

High Performance Results

  • Fast & Consistent Results
  • Higher Likelihood of Approval
  • Easy Online Forms, Submission & Tracking
  • Protect Homeowners' Interests: Credit, Tax Liability, Deficiency
  • Avoid Legal Pitfalls & Liability
  • No Fees Unless There is a Closing
  • On-Demand Updates on the Status of All Files

Over the past several years, All-American Foreclosure Solutions, Inc has developed an unmatched system for effectively and consistently working short sales through to closing. Our system drives rapid movement of files through the lender process and includes a dedicated tracking database, daily calls and targeted escalations to get timely results.

Visibility and Control

Our system provides weekly updates, as well as on-demand access to the latest status on your files. No more wondering what is going on...

We've Worked with Every Major and Most Smaller Lenders

Our experience and network of contacts can give you and your clients the extra edge you’ll need to be successful every time, even on especially difficult short sale situations.     

Our System
All-American Foreclosure Solutions, Inc is Key to Managing the Short Sale Process

Key Features: 

  • Online file Submission & Tracking
  • File progression is driven through workflow steps with goals & deadlines  
  • Document management – online access to docs & real-time requests to participants with direct-upload
  • Communications are logged in the system between all parties for quality and documentation purposes
  • Reporting is frequent with updates at every milestone and a weekly summary of all activities


 Selling Agent and Buyer given limited access to information to keep them informed automatically


All-American Foreclosure Solutions, Inc has spent the last several years developing a powerful software platform that is unrivaled in the industry for delivering successful short sale results. 

The main components of the system are:

  1. A purpose driven workflow driving individual actions and managing the timely progression of milestones required to setup a file for evaluation and approval at the lender(s)
  2. A document repository and tracking system that not only retains all documentation pertinent to a file, but also notifies the necessary parties in real-time when a document is missing or a new document is required by the lender to move forward
  3. Information and contact tracking capabilities that allow all file information, lender contacts, status updates, internal notes and communications to be held within a given file for its entire progression through the system
  4. A task-management engine that allows for the assignment and tracking of any tasks associated with a file outside of the core linear workflow
  5. An integrated communications application that enables all communications associated with a given file to be captured for complete file history, this includes communications internally, between AAFS and clients, agents, title companies, attorneys and others.
  6. Extensive client reporting capabilities that generate milestone updates in real time, as well as complete file history reports to agents on a weekly basis.

We are unaware of any system with this level of sophistication or ability to produce consistent high-quality results.