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Community Re-Investment

All-American Foreclosure Solutions, Inc.

has developed a Community Re-Investment Program for low to moderate income families and housing within a specific geographic region. Our program helps distressed homeowners rebuild credit, provides housing counseling, and provides them with the ability to gain homeownership and build equity, instead of renting.

This program ultimately revitalizes neighborhoods through pride of homeownership, rebuilds a depleted tax base for local municipalities, removes blighted, abandoned, and distressed homes from neighborhoods which otherwise were left in disrepair and disheveled due to the rampant foreclosures, as well as minimize crime within these neighborhoods; i.e. vandalism, drugs and drug houses, prostitution, rapes, etc.

Our program extends upon the National Stabilization Program within our geographic areas and communities. We believe that our C.R.P. initiative will generate 100's of new property owners that will take pride in their homes, hence, creating neighborhoods filled with loving and doting families upon their homes, streets, and neighborhoods.

Ultimately bringing the tax revenues and stabilization of the real estate market on an upwards trend, distressed sales down, and a comparable market for current real estate professionals and appraisers to navigate.