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Our mission is to help as many at-risk homeowners/borrowers who face, or are in foreclosure, as possible; revitalize neighborhoods from bank-owned, abandoned, blighted homes, and restore homeownership & pride in the community. Our organizational goals are to advocate heavily for homeowner rights under the many existing laws in place to protect them.

This includes, but is not limited to:

1.) Building personal and professional relationships with the major banks and financial institutions as an advocacy voice on behalf of homeowners,

2.) Conducting Forensic Loan and Securitization Audits on each file to determine that all laws pertaining to RESPA, Fair Housing Act, Truth-in-Lending Act, ECOA, etc. have been complied.

3.) Servicer Accountability Determinations,

4.) Data analyzation to determine submission of Loan Modification applications and their success rates,

5.) Vigorously negotiate Short-sales with the intent of Deficiency Waivers for the homeowners, and

6.) Litigation Specialization: Vehemently defend the laws that have been determined to be violated on behalf of our clients when it has been discovered that the financial institution and/or Servicer has violated any of the laws governing the rights of homeowners. Our goal is to preserve Homeownership and protect property values in neighborhoods and communities throughout our area.